Tara Emory



Tara Emory babydollTara Emory babydoll





Categories: Lingerie, feathers, sheer material. Pigtails and buttplugs. Little girl fetish.

Tara Emory babydoll

Tara Emory Revolutionary WhoreTara Emory Revolutionary Whore




"Revolutionary Whore"

Categories: Powdered wigs, elaborate period costuming, 18th century time period.

Tara Emory Revolutionary Whore

Tara EmoryTara Emory Events update




Events update! I finally get caught up (at least until September 2008) on my many club and event appearances. 100 pictures added

Tara Emory event Update

Tara EmoryTara Emory Chains Rust Latex Rust




"Chains, Rust, Latex and Rust"

Categories: Latex, dungeon, triple cockrings, anal hooks, chains

Tara Emory Chains latex lust rust


Tara EmoryTara Emory trailer trash




"Trailer Trash Tara"

Categories: Bare feet, Trailer Trash, outdoor exhibitionism, hillbillies

Tara Emory trailer trash

Tara EmoryTara Emory room service




"Room Service"

Categories: Petticoats, Bellhop fetish, Art Deco and luggage fetish

Tara Emory room service

Tara EmoryTara Emory Speakeasy





Categories: Short bob Louise Brooks style hair, exquisite lingerie, Black lace, retro roaring 20's style...

Tara Emory Speakeasy

Tara EmoryTara Emory Masquerade





Categories: Feathered masks, Penile Insertion (sounding), elaborate period costuming, Marie Antionette time period.

Tara Emory Masquerade


Tara EmoryTara Emory Simply Purple




"Simply Purple"

Categories: Lingerie, matching bra and panty set, feather boa, girls with glasses

Tara Emory Simply Purple

Tara EmoryTara Emory Warrior Princess




"Warrior Princess"

Categories: Fantasy, fingering, fursm chain mail bikini. Dungeons and Dragons....

Tara Emory Warrior Princess

Tara EmoryTara Emory Reflections of Tara




"Reflections of Tara"

Categories: Lingerie, fully fashioned nylon stockings, cumshot, lace gloves.

Tara Emory Reflections of Tara

Tara EmoryTara Emory pot o gold




"Pot O Gold"

Categories: Holiday themed shoot, burlesque, tight corsetry, watersports

Tara Emory Pot O Gold


Tara EmoryTara Emory Hotel Room Whore




"Hotel Room Whore"

Categories: Smoking, drinking, hungry for sex, white sheets ass shots, white garters and lingerie.

Tara Emory Hotel Room Whore


Tara EmoryTara Emory Snow Princess




"Snow Princess"

Categories: Seasonal theme, tight corsetry, acyrlic dildoes, outdoor location shooting, furs.

Tara Emory Snow Princess

Tara EmoryTara Emory My Throbbing Valentine




"My Throbbing Valentine"

Categories: Holiday Themed lingerie, inflatable dildos, anal stetching, all on an oversized red satin heart pillow. Your heart will skip a few beats!

Tara Emory My Throbbing Valentine

Tara EmoryTara Emory Velvet and Roses




"Velvet and Roses"

Categories: Bra and Panty set, big butt plug...

Tara Emory Velvet and Roses

Tara EmoryTara Emory Blonde Desires




"Blonde Desires"

Categories: Retro Pin up, glass dildoes, fully fashioned nylons, garters and lingerie.

Tara Emory Blonde Desires

Tara EmoryTara Emory Leather Domme Nicole Dupree




"Leather Domme" with Nicole Dupree

Categories: BDSM shoot. Rare glimpse of me as a Domina, and tranny blowjobs too!

Tara Emory leather Domme Nicole Dupree

Tara EmoryTara Emory gift wrapped




"Gift Wrapped"

Categories: Big bows, holiday theme, glass dildoes. retro Pin up

Tara Emory Gift wrapped

Tara EmoryTara Emory Cum on Pilgrim




"Cum on Pilgrim"

Categories: Purtian slut in bondage, cum enemas

Tara Emory Cum on Pilgrim

Tara EmoryTara Emory Carousel of Cum




"Carousel of Cum"

Categories: Tight corset, showgirl feathers, garters and gloves

Tara Emory Carousel of Cum


Tara EmoryTara Emory rubies and ruffles




"Rubies and Ruffles"

Categories: Exquisite stockings and lingerie, glass dildo play, high fashion glamour.

Tara Emory rubies and ruffles

Tara EmoryTara Emory cherry ride




"Cherry Ride"

Categories: Girls and cars, Getting dirty, Cherry motif bikini. retro Pin up

Tara Emory cherry ride

Tara EmoryTara Emory blue balloons latex catsuit




"Blue Balloons"

Categories: Latex catsuit, super tight corsetry, glass very large dildos. shiny, shiny, shiny!

Tara Emory Blue balloons latex catsuit

Tara EmoryTara Emory polkadots and cream




"Polkadots and Cream"

Categories: Burlesque, tight corsetry, glass sex toys, absolutely scrumptious furniture.

Tara Emory polkadots and cream

Tara EmoryTara Emory Clothing Optional Mia isabella




"Clothing Optional"

Categories: Tara Emory with Mia Isabella, world reknown TS starlet naked on the beach and on a high-rise balcony. What more can we say?

Tara Emory Clothing Optional Mia Isabella

Tara EmoryTara Emory Vintage lacing




"Vintage Lacing"

Categories: 50's girdle fetish, elaborate corset lacing

Tara Emory Vintage Lacing

Tara EmoryTara Emory Cumfest at Tiffany's



"Cumfest At Tiffany's"

78 new pictures in "galleries"

Categories: 60's fetish, rhinestones, gloves, nice cumshot!

Tara Emory Cumfest at Tiffany's

Tara EmoryTara Emory Video Update



20 new videoclips in "online video"

Categories: Everything under the sun.. These clips are taken from my live webcam shows, and also include 2 hot solo scenes from a forthcoming DVD.

Tara Emory Video Update


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